Frequently Asked Questions

  • A trademark (or mark) is any logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), work(s), word(s) slogan, or a derivative that can be associated with an organization, company, manufacturer, or institution and can be distinguished from those of other entities or competitors.

    In addition to the marks, any indicia adopted hereafter and used or approved for use by Kennesaw State University shall be subject to the policies and procedures of the trademark-licensing program. Additionally, the trademark-licensing program shall also cover any derivations of Kennesaw State marks, which would cause consumers to erroneously believe that the product originated from or was sponsored/authorized by the University.

  • Yes, it is important for the University to protect the trademarks and controlling their use will maintain their value. Please send request or design to

  • Yes, all items bearing a University trademark, must be produced by a licensed vendor weather or not it is for resale or giveaway. For a list of our current licensees, visit the Current licensees and Retailers.
  • KSU takes seriously the responsibility that comes along with trademark ownership and will take appropriate action to ensure KSU trademarks are adequately protected.
  • For information on the licensing process, visit How to Become Licensed.
  • A list of KSU’s registered and common law marks can be viewed at Official Logos Sheet.
  • Only those who have been approved through the Learfield Licensing are authorized to produce products bearing KSU trademarks.
  • No, it is not permissible to embellish products with KSU trademarks.
  • All uses of the University trademarks require approval. Please email your request to