University Departments

Campus Departments

When purchasing KSU branded products such as apparel, promotional products, or banners, an authorized licensee must be used.

Apparel and promotional products may be subject to applicable royalty rates.

Tips for ordering KSU branded products:

  • The design must contain a Kennesaw State University trademark logo.
  • Do not alter, distress or cover the university logo. The university logo should not have any verbiage or graphics behind it and should have protective space around it. 
  • KSU gold is PMS 123C or 1235 and process black.
  • Use Montserrant font when using the Official Logotype
  • The primary color of the product should be black, gold, grey or white.
  • Use the proper name for the Schools and Colleges
  • Use proper licensee (resale or giveaway).

Campus departments are required to use an official Kennesaw State licensee to produce any merchandise or apparel with the Kennesaw State name and/or trademarks, and to get approval from Licensing and Trademarks.

This includes merchandise used within the department (staff shirts, pens, etc.), given as gifts, or sold.

Departments are not approved to use the Athletic logos. The Athletic logos are reserved for the Athletic Association and NCAA sports.

Departments are not allowed to use spirit marks without authorization from the Licensing and Trademarks. Use of spirit marks for campus departments are authorized on a case by case basis.

A list of internal licensed vendors can be found here:

Keep in Mind

  • Trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with alcohol, tobacco, recreational drugs, gambling products, national flags, political symbols, and/or religious symbols.
  • Trademarks are not to be used in conjunction with other brands, names, or trademarks in a way that might appear as an endorsement by the Institute.
  • Designs using the trademarks must be approved prior to printing or manufacturing, should be submitted to for review.
  • All items and materials bearing the trademarks must be printed, produced, and manufactured by an official licensee.
  • A registered trademark symbol, either ® or TM, is to be used next to every trademarked logo. The symbol should appear near the bottom right of the trademarked logo.